Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to take photos and videos, add captions, and share them on various social networking sites where, over the years it has grown in popularity, reaching more than 700 million monthly active users as of January 2017.  


With so many people using Instagram, competition for likes and followers has also increased but, what if your account is small or unpopular? This can make it difficult to get noticed, but don’t worry, there are ways to improve your following with the help of companies that sell Instagram likes and followers. 



The problem of having a small following


If you have an Instagram account that has a small following, then you may feel as if your account is not getting noticed, it can be difficult to get followers if your account doesn’t have any visibility, this is when buying likes and followers can help.  


When people see that a post or photo they liked or followed got many likes and comments, they are more likely to follow you, this means the more likes and followers you purchase, the more popular your account will become. 


Why do you need to buy likes and followers


If you have an Instagram account with less than 1,000 followers, you might feel like your posts are going unnoticed and this is because your posts are competing with accounts that have tens of thousands of followers. 


When you buy instagram likes or followers from a company, it can help increase the number of people who see your posts and when more people see your content, it increases the chances that they’ll be interested in what you post and follow you on Instagram. 


People also like to see that their friends are following certain accounts, and if those friends have lots of followers, it is likely that other people will want to follow as well and if someone sees that one of their friends has 100 followers, they might not want to follow them because they think the account isn’t worth following.  


But if they see that someone has 10,000 followers, they might be more inclined to follow them even though they don’t know anything about them, so when buying likes and followers, make sure to buy enough so that you get 100 new likes per day on average, this will help grow your audience and show off how popular your account is. 



Finding the right company to buy from


If you’re looking to buy likes and followers on Instagram, it can be tricky to find the right company that will give you what you want, there are a lot of companies online that claim they offer real likes and followers, but before you buy from them, it’s important to do some research into their policies and reviews. 





Should you buy Instagram Likes or Followers?


One of the best things about buying Instagram likes and followers is that it improves the social proof of your account and if someone wants to follow you, they’ll often check out how many likes and followers your account has before doing so.  


Having more social proof means people are more likely to follow you, which means you need less time on investing in long-term strategies and if you purchase 10 fake followers and 5 of them turn into real ones, then you just gained another 10 real followers with no work on your end. 


In this way, purchasing Instagram likes and followers can be an effective strategy for those who want quick results without having to invest a lot of time or money into their accounts.