Bitcoins casinos are one of the most in-demand casinos. They are safe and don’t require sharing any information of an individual. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are highly in demand as these digital currencies can be used for other purposes as well. Playing with digital currency is easy and fast. 

You can deposit and withdraw Bitcoins easily from the wallet. Initially, Bitcoins were used for gambling only, but now it is used for investing, shopping and many other purposes. The value of Bitcoins is better than other virtual currencies which makes it quite popular among businessmen and investors. 

Many Bitcoins casinos allow easy transactions and gambling. With no personal information shared, the house provides many offers and bonuses to ensure that players get the maximum benefit out of it. The lucrative investment opportunity keeps it in limelight. During COVID-19 Bitcoins has grabbed a lot of attention. 

Bitonecore is an online site that provides complete details on btc casinos. If you want to know how and where to mine Bitcoins and how to buy or sell Bitcoins, you can always explore this webpage. The owner and funder, Richard, who is a trader by profession has years of experience in online gambling which he shares as much as possible. The website is a path for beginner and long-term players. 

One of the benefits of Bitcoins is that it is decentralized which means it is not regulated by any banking system. It is being handled by a bunch of volunteers which makes it an individual body. All transactions are logged in a blockchain immediately after it is done. Therefore, it might take few minutes because everything is tracked from the blockchain to the main point of purchase that leads to your banking information. 

Method to Deposit Bitcoins Online 

Open a Bitcoin Wallet

To play online casinos, you need to have a certain amount of Bitcoins in your wallet. A wallet is an account that is opened before entering any house to gamble. The wallet or an account can be easily opened through Bitcoin’s site. The BTC wallet can be opened on the desktop or through the app on your phone choose the method wisely because you’ll be sharing your bank information. 

You may not require sharing any personal details, so it is safe. Simply, sign up and provide your address to open a wallet. You can choose a password that should not be shared with anyone and the Bitcoin site will provide with Bitcoin address that is to be used while making transactions. 

Purchase Bitcoins

Now that you have opened a wallet it has to be filled with a certain amount of Bitcoins. BTC has a value that keeps changing every hour. Looking at the current value of BTC, you will have to pay to buy certain Bitcoins. There are different ways of purchasing Bitcoins –

  • Buying through your e-wallet
  • Trading currencies at Bitcoin Exchanges
  • Getting Bitcoins through mining 
  • If your city has Bitcoin ATMs then you can fill your wallet with Bitcoins
  • Buying Bitcoins from different country users on a set agreement

Search an Online Casino to Set Up Payment Option 

Now it is time to look for the best BTC casino that accepts Bitcoins and you can enjoy gambling online. The advantage of playing through an online casino is that you don’t need to share personal details, unlike traditional casinos. Simply set up an account with a password and navigate the payment page of the casino. Choose Bitcoins as currency and banking method to enjoy transactions and gaming. 

Deposit Bitcoins

When you have chosen the online casino where you want to play, you can deposit your Bitcoins to that casino. This process doesn’t require any debit card or credit card information. You simply transfer funds or Bitcoins from the wallet to the Bitcoin address of the online casino. This Bitcoin address is given to players which are series of alphanumeric characters. Every player gets a different Bitcoin address. Thus, it is imperative to remember your Bitcoin address. 

How to Withdraw Bitcoins

You can always withdraw Bitcoins from your online casino account. Often people complete the transaction when they see the value for Bitcoins has risen. However, there should be a set amount of Bitcoins available in your account before the casino allows you to withdraw. This amount can be less than 10 BTC or it can be 40 times more. Once you have desired amount of BTC in the online casino account, you can follow the given steps to withdraw them easily –

  • Enter your account in the online casino and go to the payment method page. It may also be named as virtual cashier, to any other name, but the purpose remains the same. 
  • Now enter the address for your BTC wallet in the section where it is asked for. This will directly send all your Bitcoins to your wallet. 
  • Since it is decentralized, therefore the transactions don’t take much time. Before logging out from the online casino account, check your BTC wallet to ensure that funds have reached your wallet. 

The transfer of Bitcoins from account to wallet happens fast and easily. However, the transaction may remain unconfirmed for a short period. This is because it is being logged and confirmed through the blockchain which might take some time it also partially depends upon the casino’s processing time. 

The same case can happen during withdrawing Bitcoins. All casinos have their own processing time. The withdrawal proves may take few minutes or few working days. Generally, the withdrawal process happens within 24 hours. Still, it is wise to check the terms and conditions of the online casino before opening an account. 

Using Bitcoin casino for playing and winning and then withdrawing provides various benefits. This can be seen with the increasing number of players using Bitcoins and Bitcoins casinos. Above all, while using Bitcoins no third parties are involved. This means there will be no transaction fees or taxes which will reduce the final amount. 

If you don’t want to share your details online or don’t want anyone to track your gambling trend, then go for authorized and licensed Bitcoins casinos.