Are you looking for the right place to get betting information for the FIFA World Cup?  Many of us know the ins and outs of club football, but when it comes to international clubs we are scrambling for information.

How are we supposed to know the slightest thing about Senegal or Australia outside of Tim Cahill and Saio Mane?  It turns out that a few sites are trying to clear the air. recently debuted content in February of 2018.  With writers based in the United States, the entity is known for having great, US based literature that is updated daily.  The site is known for its free picks ATS.  They have an 8-3 record in their last 11 baseball selections.

To date, World Cup group odds for groups A-C have been featured on the website.  Some of the highlights from their published free selections include upset picks of Egypt to advance.  With the recent form of Liverpool starlet Mohammad Salah, it’s hard not to get excited about a pick like that.  Reading LazyBets content leaves the reader excited.  We forget the FIFA World Cup is right around the corner.

In terms of general odds, Bovada lists Germany as the favorite to win the tournament.  Germany pay 2.25 to 1 if you’re looking for the bookies top dog.  Spain come in at 3.25 to 1, Brazil at 2.5 to 1, and France at 2.75 to 1.

Argentina, Belgium England, Portugal, and Uruguay round out the online sportsbook’s choices to secure the tournament championship in Russia.

LazyBets has a knack for covering proposition agen sbobet in addition to simple winners.  The website covers everything from the alternate over under lines to anytime goal scorers.  Some of their winning free picks so far have included very famous strikes.  Their anytime goal scorer bet of Roberto Firmino’s strike against Manchester City to put Liverpool through to the semifinals of the Champions League where they face Roma next.

To read more about the tournament and the various group stage odds, be sure to check out the World Cup and Online Sports Betting at Lazybets.  Don’t forget to check out their gambling travel section too!