HTML5 is the latest version of Hypertext Markup Language, a language that is used for displaying the contents of web pages. Simply said, it is a set of rules and standards for developers.

HTML5 actually consists of three languages:

  • HTML – for data structuring;
  • CSS – for the visual design of data;
  • JavaScript –helps the first two to function together.

Those manufacturers of online games who have been using Adobe Flash for the past 10 years have taken a note of HTML5, and there are several reasons for it.

Advantages of the HTML5 technology in the development of slot games

There is no need to install the additional online casino software

In order to make the Flash-game (and any other multimedia content) work properly in the browser, it is necessary to install a special plug-in, without which nothing will happen. I think you are all familiar with the situation when the browser asks you to install or update the Flash plug-in. And, frankly speaking, it is quite annoying.

The slot machine software which is based on HTML5 does not require the installation of any additional programs. It independently reproduces content in the browser, which makes everything much easier for both the developer and the user. And this leads to the fact that such an offer as slot games for sale on the basis of the HTML5 format becomes more and more popular.

Compatibility with different browsers and devices

HTML5 operates on different devices, both mobile phones and desktop computers. An HTML5 slot machine can work even on Apple devices, with which the Flash format can’t cope. It is also not suitable for mobile gadgets, and therefore, mobile traffic can be lost immediately.

The fact that HTML5 is cross-platform is very beneficial for the developer since the only thing he needs is to write one code, and it will work on all devices. It leads to a significant cost reduction during the development of slots. The online casino software at large is quite expensive, so a reasonable saving will be very suitable for the occasion.

An HTML5 slot machine is less power-consuming

By the way, if we speak about HTML5 games for mobile devices, there is another advantage: they are less power-consuming. Naturally, the battery of the mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) will live longer. This is a tangible advantage for users, due to which they will rather choose the HTML5 slot machine than the slot which is based on the Flash format.

Excellent graphics and scalability

We already mentioned above that HTML5 includes JavaScript. This language allows developers to use SVG in the creation of online games. SVG is vector graphics, which allows you to get better animation and colourful images. But it event is not the main advantage, which is, in fact, that games with SVG are scalable. That is, they can be perfectly reproduced on screens of any size. Another good thing about HTML5, along with cross-platform.

Constant development of HTML5

It is a pretty young technology. It has been upgraded to the version 5 and recommended for the use only in 2014. Offering casino slots for sale is a common business, so new features and capabilities of HTML5 are now highly in-demand. This means that there are still many updates and subsequent stages of the improvement of the format.

The fact that HTML5 refers to the open source casino gambling software also promotes the development of the technology. In other words, any developer can improve the code in his discretion. The implication is that HTML5is also a free technology, that is, you do not have to pay for the use of it, which, in turn, means additional savings for developers and casino owners.

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