Online betting is a large and lucrative industry in which websites like offer a chance to people across the world to bet on their favourite teams and sports online. But since there is a lot of money which keeps rotating on a daily basis because of the bets placed, bets lost and bets won, punters and gamblers across the world need to be careful with their bets. Yet they keep making some very common and silly mistakes like:

  • Accumulator bets: These bets are those which once a week punters deposit into their accounts with online betting websites with the hope that their money would increase substantially over the weekend. This hope of combining the heavy odds with apparently safe selections never pays. In fact accumulator bets are one of the best sources of income for online betting websites. 
  • Mistakes in live betting: This type of betting involves placing bets on ongoing sports events. But there are certain problems associated with live betting like:
    • Rejection of the bets since the window is very small,
    • Betting is done on impulse and thus might just fail,
    • Non-planned bets with no strategy ever pay etc.
  • Loyalty betting: When punters feel the need to bet on a team which they consider as their own, the betting decision does not remain a practical one. This emotional decision harms them by making them place bets out of frustration or even with the belief that whatever the situation their team would somehow win in the end. This, however, never happens and loyalty has no place in the world of gambling.
  • Scorecast bets: One of the nastiest betting decisions a punter could ever make, scorecasts should never be made. These bets neither come with good odds nor are they always realised thus making the punter lose money in the process.

Betting is an intelligent and calculated decision. While some bets might go wrong, care should be taken to ensure that instances such as those are rare.