Online slot games are fantastic ways for people just getting into online gambling to start their careers, as well as places for seasoned players to make the most out of their collective skill and wisdom.

With all of the new online slot games coming out in the online casinos being hosted by places like MPLcasino, it can indeed be difficult to keep track of the best new titles that deserve your attention.

2017 has been a fantastic year for the online slot game industry, each new month bringing all manner of new and innovative titles for players to enjoy. Let us now look at some of the best games that came out this year.

Fire Opals

If you are a big fan of Siberian Storm and the high energy that came with the classic, then you will love Fire Opals. This is a game that shares much with the iconic predecessor, including all of the thrills and entertainment

This is a game that has been beautifully designed graphically, with a gorgeous soundtrack to boot, which reaches its emotional climax when the game’s reels are spinning in the peak of activities.

This is a game that can be played on Android as well as iPhone, and players enjoying the game on mobile devices have just as much a chance at winning the massive jackpot as those seated at computers or laptops.

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Barkin Mad

This awesome and thrilling new game from the people at Barcrest comes with a jolly cartoon-like design and some very exhilarating gameplay. This is a game which you may not have heard of, but should definitely check out.

This game comes with the innovative ‘Big Bet’ feature, which provides a very generous load of free spins. Not only that, but you will also see that whichever Wild Symbols you managed to gain when activating the Big Bet mode will stay in place, allowing you to line up a large collection of these lucrative symbols, providing a very striking opportunity for a massive win!

This is a highly action-based online slot game, which may rekindle even the most seasoned of online slot game players’ youthful excitement that they had when they first started playing online slot games all of those years ago.

Family Guy

This is a game that many people have been asking for, for years. It is finally here, an online slot game based on the extremely popular hilarious cartoon. This is such an energetic and entertaining online slot game, you really will not stop laughing while the reels spin and the iconic main characters keep the gags flowing.

Jokes aside, the game’s actual mechanics have been designed very well, and you will find that the smoothness of proceedings are on par with the other leading games in the industry. Watch out for the “Evil Monkey” Wild Symbols, as well as the Scatter Symbols, which are represented by Brian the dog.

Rome and Egypt

Let us now turn our attention to something classically-themed, a game that is one of the most popular hits in Las Vegas at the moment. Rome and Egypt may be a classic physical slot game, but its current online version has brought everything that is great from current software developments into the fore.

You will not walk away unhappy when you manage to get into the bonus mode in Rome and Egypt, where you will have a big bunch of free spins to play with, and all of the winnings that you made and will now make with your free spins will be doubled!

While a lot of online slot games will have rather extensive requirements for you to get into their bonus modes, the bonus features in Rome and Egypt will only need you to line up two bonus symbols in order to get you in the money.

You will find your heart racing with how the atmosphere changes to one that is far more upbeat and racing with the new rules that will bring your acumen to new heights. You really want to make the most of this classic game that has been tweaked to perfection for modern users – for a long time to come.