Pai Gow poker game is an American version of traditional Asian game Pai Gow. If you are also interested to play free online casino games then you can also follow simple rules of new mobile game, Pai Gow and play it. New users can also feel comfortable to check out description of the game. This high quality theme is something new as an advanced version that would seek your attention with its innovative and advanced playing techniques. You can also say that Pai Gow Poker game is much similar to the blackjack as these both are based on the knowledge and strategy of the poker hands. The winning bonus payouts and combinations of Pai Gow are mainly suited to higher risk players while players can seek more knowledge of it through the link.

 Understanding the basics

You can also learn more about it by downloading the game . People should also know that Pai Gow bonus game is more suited to the high risk players as players bet twice in terms of bet and bonus bet. You should also know that in case of tie the bonus would not be returned to you. The rules to play this game are quite simple while each player receives seven cards that are after it is splits into separate two hands. A hand of five cards is known as the back and another hand of two cards is known as the front.

Know about the terms of Pai Gow Poker

  • 5 card hands- the back is ranked as per the standard poker rules. People who are not sure about the standard rankings can also learn about it through the poker hand rankings page.
  • Two card hands- the front rank is lower than the five card rank. Before playing game one should surely go through set of rules and winning strategies.