Even if you are a newbie to playing online slots, you should already know all about the bonuses offered by various online casinos. These bonuses are one of the key reasons why online casino slots have become so popular. Why would anyone go through the hassle of driving to a local establishment when they can play from home and get some extra money into the bargain?

Why are bonuses offered?

There are lots of online casino slots websites available, the market is saturated to the point of bursting and even now new slots casinos keep cropping up online nearly every week. In such a situation, bonuses help casinos get ahead of the competition somewhat. Now almost every casino offers bonuses, however they differ in the types of bonuses they offer.

Are bonuses helpful for you?

It goes without saying that bonuses are helpful for you as a player. You are basically getting the opportunity to play slots for free or else some extra money to play it with. Most casinos will give you the bonus after you sign up and deposit some money. The bonus money will be added to your account then. However, you can’t simply get the bonus and then cash out, there are quite a long set of rules and regulations attached to how that extra money can be used.

Types of bonuses

There are two types of signup bonuses; no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. In no deposit bonus, you only need to sign up and some money is given to you that you can play with. In deposit bonus you will have to deposit a certain amount and the casino will then give you a percentage of your deposit or a fixed sum as a bonus. Other then sign up bonuses, the casinos often offer loyalty bonuses to long time players.