Unlike betting in brick and mortar casino, online poker games allow you to access plethora of variants in one site. Before you start to make bet over the net, it is very essential to learn few basics about the game as it will provide you an aid to play safe. In case you are curious how to make best out of your no deposit bonus then just log on to https://casinospilnu.dk/spil-poker/. You will get to know about several tricks and strategies which will support you when you place a bet, even if you are a novice.

Different types of hands which you should know

Royal Flush

In the game of poker there are different types of hands which can make you win big jackpots on a betting table. Royal flush is considered as most important hand which has ace, lady, king, ten and boy in a suit.

Four identical

This is a hand in which there are 4 cards which have similar rank and a player also has a side card which is denoted by kicker. In case there are players which possess similar hands then the player will be decided on the basis of kicker.


In this player have two cards with matching rank and 3 kicker, in case there is a tie during the game then player who has highest kicker is considered as a winner.

Strategies for poker playing

7 card stud

Before you login into a gambling site where it’s all about Poker – Get your no deposit Poker bonus for free today, you are required to learn about several types’ poker in advance. It is recommended to go for this game play in case you are a novice, since it is very easy to learn the rules of this poker play. In the beginning every player on the table will get 3 cards, 2 of which face down while you can see the third one. 

Player who has lowest face-up card has to place the bet first. After this the betting continues in a clockwise direction. Then the next card is opened which is named as Fourth Street, then the fifth, sixth and Seventh Street showcased. During the seventh street players who are still playing hand have to showcase their cards. The winner is announced on the basis of best five-hand.

5 card draw

This one’s also considered as a game of all ages since it is easy to grasp and winning chances are higher, the only thing is that you need to learn the steps by hard and play with caution. Initially every player on the table is given 5 cards and then the betting process commences. After the initial process of betting every player gets a chance to replace number of cards with new one. Then another round of betting takes place, it starts from the player who is placed on the left hand side of dealer. At last players have to show their cards and the one with best-five hand wins the jackpot.