Tarik Freitekh wins 200,000 $

Tarik Freitekh is an American business man, producer and a director who has made the history by winning 200,000$ in his first ever poker tournament at Cherokee Casino. Now he is also known as the gambler of the poker who wins at everything. Tarik Freitekh has won a poker game as well as hearts of millions of his fans. When asked about the strategy and his winning saga, the director said that he was living in Los Angles and he deals with many actors on a daily basis. So, those numerous interactions have made him learn how to read the face of a person. He said that he has used that ability to predict who has a winning hand and who is just bluffing around.

Winning 200,000$ in the first poker game is an achievement that he will surely add to his achievement book. He chuckled that he is not going to make a career out of poker games, but he surely would love to participate in the future poker tournaments whenever he gets the chance. He said that he will add 200,000$ to his millions. But the sad part is 40% of the winning amount will be deducted as taxes.

Congratulation to Tarik Freitekh on his historic win.

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